The Homomonument, an LGBT symbol against discrimination

The Homomonument, an LGBT symbol against discrimination

In the center of Amsterdam, you can find a memorial named “Homomonument”, raised to commemorate gay and lesbian who have been persecuted.

The idea became in 1970 when some homosexual activists were arrested for trying to bring a crown of lavender flowers to national war memorial “De Eendracht” situated on the De Dam Square, and the crown was removed by the police and the act was considered as “shame”.

In 1980 several artists where invited to design a monument, and it was chosen a pink triangle pointing on the water.

Homomonument – Amsterdam

The alignments of the three vertex of the monument are not random, in fact one of them points to the De Dam Square, the other one points to the house of Anne Frank and the last one points to the headquarters of the COC Nederland, the Dutch organization for LGBT men and woman.

To build the Homomonument, an initiative was raised to get the funds to build it. Finally, in 1987 the monument was opened.

A true sign to inspire the LGBT community against discrimination, hatred and oppression in contemporary days.

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