Your first gay trip in Italy?

Italy ‘Il bel Paese’, one of the best countries in Europe, with good food, art, fashion, romanticism and design charms gay visitors from everywhere. Is it your first time in Italy? Here we propose the perfect gay-friendly itinerary in the best cities of Italy: Rome, Florence, and Venice, where many artworks have made these cities so much appreciated by everyone.
In Rome, you will have the chance to know the untold secrets of homosexuality in ancient times. In Florence you will discover the Florentine Renaissance art, and finally Venice is one of the most gay-friendly city in Italy.

The ancient Rome

Model: Thomas Valisano
Photo: Roberto Chiovitti

Rome, the Eternal City, offers many options for LGBTQ+ tourism. This is the place where the Roman Empire was established and where the Greek traditions of same-sex relationships were not condemned and well accepted.
Here you can discover how life was during ancient Rome. Visit the most famous monument in the world: the Colosseum! Or the gay paintings and the turbulent life of Michelangelo visiting the Vatican Museums in gay light.

Venice, the ‘city of love’

Fotografia di Roberto Chiovitti
Credit: Sonders and Beach

Venice, one of the most characteristic cities in the world, is called the ‘City of Love’. It has not a special gay district because the city is considered completely gay-friendly. But are you looking the untold gay secrets of Venice? There is an interesting gay story behind the Venetian palaces. Have you ever heard of the first gay community in Europe? It was in Venice!

Florence, the capital of Renaissance art

Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is not a big city but offers a unique LGBTQ+ scene thanks to the openness of the people who live there.
Here you can discover many artists who have left signature in Florence belonged to LGBTQ+ community. Here you can visit splendid museums to discover Florentine Renaissance art as Donatello’s David, the first freestanding male nude statue after ancient times… But not only, in this city there are many gay hidden histories!

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