Acquafraggia waterfalls mentioned by Leonardo Da Vinci

Acquafraggia waterfalls are easy to reach and are one of the most exquisitely beautiful and interesting spots in Bregaglia Valley (exactly in Piuro town), between the Como lake and the Maloja Pass.

In 1984 the waterfalls were declared a natural monument by the Region of Lombardy. From far away you already can see this impressive waterfall… with a double jumps of 150m, this nature reserve is the best place to enjoy a whole day to relax,  or walk on the panoramic path beside the water jumps.

Acquafraggia Waterfalls Valchiavenna, Italy


Near the parking there is small place where you can eat in the typical restaurants that offer a selection of genuine Italian food. Also from the parking you can walk, in a few minutes, to a popular spot for locals (and tourists) to picnic.

A walk through the interior of the national park is an opportunity to see the natural environment surrounding the falls and to appreciate the panorama of the entire valley. Severals of walking routes have the Acquafraggia waterfalls as their departure point.

The most important one is the panoramic trail which rises to the traditional village of Savogno, an example of medieval alpine architecture and here you we’ll have an amazing view of the waterfalls.

The waterfalls are mentioned by Leonardo Da Vinci in his Codex Atlanticus (1495): when Leonardo da Vinci, engineer for the Dukes of Milan covered the length of the valley with the goal to study the Mera river, he notes in his ‘Atlantic code’ (a record of his journey) the beautiful water cascades or “le belle chadute d’Aqua”.

How to get to Piuro: Piuro is just few km from Chiavenna that is well connected by train to Milan.

If you would like to see the original Atlantic Codex you can book our Untold History tour ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’s genius under a gay light’