Alan Touring, the gay father of the artificial intelligence

Alan Turing, the gay father of the artificial intelligence

Alan Turing was born in London in 1912, he became famous because he’s represented as the father of the artificial intelligence.

When he was young he had a natural inclination for science and mathematics, that’s why he started to solve advanced problems, like Newton’s laws of motion.

During his stay at the Sherborn School, he met Christopher Morcom, a friend considered as Turing’s first love. Morcon died when he was 18 from complications of bovine tuberculosis and Turing remained very sad but he decided to focus on work.

Years later he started to study mathematics and he started to work on the basis of modern computers.

During his live, Turing never hide his sexuality even if he was not part of the circle of homosexual artists of Cambridge.

Statue of Turing at Bletchley Park

At the second World War, Turing participated to develop the code braking to help decrypting Germany.

Based on his works, the touring test was created to see how artificial intelligence was capable to do, even to imitate a person. The test supposed to determinate who was a men and who was a woman.

Turing engaged for a few with a man in 1941 but he was not very enthusiastic so he broke with him, but in 1951 Turing met a young man in Manchester and they stayed together for a few months until someone broke into Turing’s house. Turing went to the police and they asked for the relationship between him and the guy, and after a confession Turing was charged with “gross indecency”.

After a trial, Turing was treated with estrogen to suppress his male “homosexual libido”. After his breasts grew and he was impotent he committed suicide by poison in 1954.

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