Where to explore, be happy and smile in Umbria, Italy

Umbria is the heart of Italy, it’s a gay-friendly heart. Here the best things to do are nature, art, culture and especially relax. In my view, Umbria this part of Italy is one of the most romantic and magical place for the LGBTQ travel community and it was so hard to select just 4 best things to do, but I did it. So, here we go with the top four things to see and do in Umbria. Book now and visit another hidden and fascinating place and explore Italy with us

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The hidden beauty of Umbria

It’s fall but not in Citunno. It’s a very suggestive and one of the main attraction for the LGBTQ community in Umbria, also it was an inspirational place for many famous writers and artists in the past and people believed that here the god Citunno lived. Thanks to its rare beauty, here you can find a lots things to see with your lover or friends, such as: the temple with ancient frescoes. Relax, enjoy and explore are the only typical activities of this amazing place, this is the only one  reason to visit in Umbria this wonderful peaceful location.

Most spectacular city

Spello is placed on a rocky spur of the famous Mount Subasio, that gives to the city a wonderful future and colorful prospective. It’s a city opened to the future, but it doesn’t forget its Roman and Medieval past. You can find here a gay-friendly atmosphere and beautiful attractions to see such as the Porta Consolare and the Porta Urbica, and walking through its little streets you can also admire its castles and lots of ancient churches. You can’t miss the infiorata festival, it takes place every year, you will love the artists and their works made with flowers. Unforgettable.

umbria gay

You’ll breathe an amazing atmosphere

It’s our favorite place! Lake Trasimeno is one of the most romantic and largest lake in the south of Italy. In the past few years, this place becomes a LGBTQ destination, perfect for wedding and honeymoon. It includes three islands, the second largest Maggiore island, is the only inhabited, and the largest one is Polvese island. Lots of beautiful small places to visit, such as: Castiglione del Lago, Passignano, Magione and then there are bicycle path around the lake, cross country paths and excellent excursions. All these things make this destination a perfect Italian trip for the LGBTQ community.

This is another good reason to visit Umbria

Assisi is one of the most famous and visited city in Umbria. Here Saint Francis and Saint Clare were born, we think that’s why is one of the most destination for many pilgrims from all across the globe. But when you’ll be there, please visit: San Damiano, here lots of beautiful things happens, the Minerva’s Temple and the massive Rocca Maggiore. We suggest to the visit the National Park of Mount Subasio and the Cathedral and the Church of Saint Francis, here Giotto will tell you the magical history of this legends gay-friendly place. Assisi is also the place of lots of important cultural and theater festival: here theatre, art, music and dance are spectacular.

What are you waiting for? If you are looking for a trip to Umbria, we suggest you the best LGBTQ choices. Hotels, restaurants and activities to see, do and share with the LGBTQ travel community. Go to Quiiky now and book your next Italian gay trip.

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