Gay Turin life: 4 spooky travel things to celebrate Halloween

“Do you really want to live a Gay Turin Life on Halloween’s day ? Trick or treat? We think that you can enjoy with us an unforgettable and memorable weekend in Turin and spend some days in one the most magical places in the world. Book now and discover the city and its dark side and feel the vibes as the LGBTQ community does here every day.

gay turin life

Piazza Statuto

Why should you visit Turin? Because it’s magical and considered the crossing point between black and white magic. Here you can feel the energy of an amazing place, thanks to its several historical places such as: Piazza Statuto, Egyptian Museum and Rondò della Forca.

Visit Piazza Statuto, the square where the sun sets and the darkness comes. It’s the dark gay Turin’s life point and it’s a huge attraction for lots of esoteric people as well.

Romans used to choose this area in the past for capital executions and bury the dead. We suggest you visit this magical part of the city, especially if you are looking for a special and delicious restaurant. All around is full of gay-friendly bars and restaurants for having lunch and dinner.

Lovely tourist attractions

We highly recommend it! The Egyptian Museum is fantastic and if you spend a weekend in Turin, you must include a day in this absolutely magic place. After only the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, this place is one of the most important in the world thanks to its numerous events, PR activities, and workshops. This is a real gem.

And then explore the symbol of Turin, the Mole Antonelliana and its Museo del Cinema, and live in 3D the most important moments of the history of the Italian movie director Federico Fellini. Don’t miss the Panoramic elevator, a massive must do if you visit this gay-friendly city for the first time.

It’s better a trick

You’d better choose one of the finest Piedmont cuisine restaurants. For instance, go to:

Monferrato and ask for homemade cakes;

Solferino famous for its Fassona beef meat;

and Consorzio restaurant for its delicious desserts.

However, Turin, especially on Halloween is very popular with its chocolate. Don’t miss Guido Gobino and order a glass of Bicerin, a very typical drink made of coffee, chocolate, and milk cream. But wait, where could we find the best trick of tricks? At Piazza San Carlo. Go to Al Bicerin the place where this amazing delicious was created.

gay turin life

Time for having fun!

Bananamia awaits you to celebrate Halloween, with fascinating performances by incredible musicians, hip-hop concerts and different local and international artists. If you want to spend a weekend in Turin, it is not going to be a perfect gay-friendly trip without going there, because it will make your time in the city unforgettable. On the other hand, if you want to dance all night long, try Spazio 211 and enjoy a drink or some strong coffees once you are there.

These are the best gay-friendly places in the city, and no matter what you are or what you love, Spazio 211 and Bananamia are both the dance clubs that welcome everyone. They are the right places for a memorable Halloween night out.

These are the best gay-friendly places in the city, and no matter what you are or what you love, Spazio 211 and Bananamia are both dance clubs that welcome everyone, perfect for a Halloween memorable night out.

Book a tour of this magical city with us! Here we have a sample but consider also the suggestions already mentioned. Just ask us for those you like and we create a tailor-made gay Turin life tour for you!

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