Best things to do in Gay Liguria: 4 ways to visit like an Italian

Gay Liguria Guide by Quiiky is unforgettable. This place is a gay-friendly destination and one of the most beautiful areas of Italy. However, the LGBTQ community are attracted not only with the wonderful nature and landscapes of these places, but also with monuments, colorful streets and for its gay life. There are lots of beautiful places to visit and stay, but we have chosen our 4 destinations that must be include in your Gay Liguria Guide.

gay liguria

Famous for its history and friendly atmosphere

Genoa is a gay-friendly city and it has a beautiful port city, one of the most important in the Italy and in Europe too. Here, Christopher Columbus and Niccolò Paganini were born and especially Genoa is very famous in the world, thanks to its success in the past as a Maritime Republic during the Middle Ages. It’s also a place where you’ll find excellent coffee shops, restaurants and different huge events for the LGBTQ community. Visit the historical Via Garibaldi, the Aquarium of Genoa and see an amazing play at Teatro della Gioventù.

A picturesque place

Portofino is a magical place, here you can really live alone, with your love or with other LGBTQ mates an incredible, unforgettable and wonderful Italian trip. Oops, Portofino has a dual personality, you know that? Because while it is a popular meeting summer place for many famous LGBTQ icons, it is also an unmissable gay-friendly destination for nature lovers and sea activities. Take a private boat tour in couple or accompanied by a sailor and taste for lunch the fabulous Cheese Focaccia.

What does it mean if your favorite color is Italy?

Catch the train to Bonassola, the door to the Cinque Terre. Only few places in Italy are really memorable as this magical destination, a national park and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here the huge attractions are the ambience and the nature, but popular things to do include long walking tour, eat a fabulous ice-cream and capture with your camera some of Italy’s best landscapes. If you want to stay there for e a week end or for a long vacation, Vernazza and Manarola are the most visiting gay liguria destination and favorite places by the LGBTQ community, thanks to its magical atmosphere and colorful streets.

gay liguria

Liguria foods

Taste the fabulous Pesto alla genovese, it’s absolutely delicious over penne or another pasta! Or if you are at restaurant try the Carciofi violetti or taste the fabulous Trofie, which is a rolled strip of pasta cut into little pieces and twisted into their final shape. All these things are really a must eat, if you want to live a local and unforgettable experience. And for drink? Taste the Acqua di Fiori d’Arancio amaro, this product is traditionally cultivated and produced in Vallebona.


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