Top places to stay for your Italy LGBT honeymoon

Italy is one of the top romantic vacation destinations in the world… after all, Valentine came from Italy. It is a country where you’ll be visiting seaside villages, countryside, mountains, and ancient historic cities. Italy is full of options for gay couples to relax and enjoy their love. Here are our favorite gay friendly places to visit in Italy for romance or honeymoon.

The city is romantic energy. A list of the most romantic places in Italy would be incompleted without Venice. After months of stressful wedding plannings or jobs nothing is more relaxing than the old-fashioned mean of transportation, the gondola, riding the narrow canals of Venice with the one you love. Get away from the crowds in picturesque squares, romantic restaurants, and cafes!


A city in Northern Italy Veneto region, well known as the place of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet . Verona is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a place where you can go and rub the right breast of Juliet’s statue, for good luck, and take a photo on the iconic balcony. You can enjoy the opera, visit ancient monuments such as the Roman arena, learn how to cook ‘Pandoro’ or take a coffee and relax in Piazza delle Erbe.
Lake Como

Lake Como has long been a romantic travel destination. The lake sets in Northern Italy and is completely surrounded by the Alps. It is a small towns built in the hillsides with breathtaking views from every point. There are many incredible villas you can visit, make sure to make a stop in the town of Bellagio, the pearl of the lake, one of the most romantic villages, with cobbled streets, elegant architecture and terraces gardens. Lake Como has also a lot of activities to offer including hiking, biking, golf, and more.

In Positano, on the Amalfi Coast (UNESCO World Heritage site), there’s just something especially romantic, which is why it is one of the most popular honeymoon destination of Southern Italy. The town is built vertically on the face of a cliff with gorgeous views of the sea. Enjoy the sun, dive in the blue waters, or just walk on the beach, enjoy sunrises: it is enough to make this destination one of the most romantic in Italy. In Positano, you’ll find also the more romantic restaurants in the world, serving local seafood dishes and handmade pasta.

Portofino is a seaside village located in Liguria close to Cinque Terre and its name is recognizable all over the
world as a romantic paradise. You’ll find colorful houses, waterfront restaurants with Ligurian cuisine
(trofie al pesto, local fish, and fruity white wines), crystalline water and beautiful mountains outlining
the coast: it is a paradise for honeymooners.

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