A confidential and insider guide to the gay Florence!

Looking for some fun and love things to do in Gay Florence? You just found the right quick guide. Let’s see together why!

gay florence

It is an ideal destination for most of you

What an amazing experience if you want to really live Florence as a local! San Lorenzo Market hosts today lots of bars, restaurants and cafés where you can eat something with someone very special and have some fun. This wonderful and colorful place is just a block north of San Lorenzo so you didn’t move very far from your best gay-friendly hotel! Here, you’ll get the chance to live the real Florentine feel and buy for yourself some wonderful leather bags or jackets. What are you waiting for?

Can I have a coffee and a book, please?

Florence has another great place to visit and stay for a while. It’s the Caffetteria delle Oblate. This one is located on the roof terrace of Florence’s public libraries, the Biblioteca delle Oblate, a very popular location in the city for students and LGBTQ travelers for its comfortable hospitality and for its amazing great view of the Cupola. It’s the best place if you want to rest or relax for just a couple of hours.

gay florence

This place will surprise you, promise!

Ponte Vecchio is globally known for its magical atmosphere and certainly is one of the most photographed bridge in the world. Don’t miss to see with your friends or alone the secret passageway built in 1565 the Vasari Corridor, which links Palazzo Vecchio to Pitti Palace. Here there will be more other things to see, especially jewelry stores, that wait to be discovered on your gay Florence trip.

To start or to finish your best Italian weekend

The Oltrarno – is one of my favorite place in gay Florence – is fun, creative and very intimate area in many different ways. Here, you will find a lots of galleries, artisan workshops and great number of restaurants and cafés. An absolute a must for all the LGBTQ travelers, if you want to live and share the tradition and the spirit of one of the most gay-friendly city in Italy and in Europe too.

Want to live more? Piazza della Passera, it’s a great place to end your intense weekend trip in Florence!

Enjoy, love and explore your gay life

Let us give some very friendly advice, have some fun at the most incredible and amazing dance clubs for the LGBTQ community. Fairy @ Full Up, Necessariamente @ Flog or XTRA Revolutionary Clubbing are the best ones. But if you need a comfy place, the Florence Baths will the perfect place to enjoy unforgettable evening in Florence. Don’t forget to try the massive Piccolo Café or the Queer. So these are all the best choices if you want to spend an incredible gay life in Florence! Are you ready?

gay florence

Things to do and see in the surroundings

Arezzo has much to offer for your gay-friendly vacation in Tuscany. Just 1.5 hour from the huge Florence, this small centre is home to many nightclubs and events dedicated to the LGBTQ community. You will find less visitors and many more locals, as well as the many hidden treasures in the towns, churches and museums that played an important role in the history of this place. Visit Piazza Grande and Palazzo delle Logge, enjoy the Basilica of San Francesco and its amazing Cappella Bacci. Don’t miss the massive and unforgettable LGBTQ event Tremendah and Why Not?

Dedicate a weekend or your whole vacation to exploring and sharing the iconic Cinque Terre. Honey, extra virgin oil, lemons and unforgettable hospitality are just some of the special things you can taste, enjoy and live visiting this colorful side of Italy. And then, beautiful views, natural landscapes and wonderful stories. Visit these five incredible towns: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare, because they offer a unique and enchanting panorama  of different traditions and culture. They are all beautiful to visit and it is an easy day to trip if you stay in Florence.


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