For a quite long time, there has been a peculiar interpretation about the use of the left hand in writing, in Italy. Even public schools and some teachers used to apply to this belief which animated the didactic approach to teaching hand-writing. It was said that the left hand was the devil’s hand (!!) and that it was not to be used for writing. That is the reason why in many schools your left arm would be kept behind your back. Amazing, isn’t it? Later on, science has discovered that left-handed people seem to have a different and quicker approach to learning! And this must be true, if we recall Leonardo da Vinci and his left-hand writing.
His Atlantic Code, a massive hand-written collection of projects and drawings, is a must-see. But, you will not be able to read a single word of it, unless you have a mirror with you. Leonardo was not only left-handed, he also wrote the from the right to the left side! Was it voluntarily or spontaneous? Who knows…We only know we can see his amazing writings in Milan!
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