Sardinia is a real paradise, for the outstanding beaches and the clear sea, the land known for countless number of prehistoric sites and traditional festivals but also for the gay community is wonderful, especially during the summer.
There is a place in Sardinia, where I grew up and where the LGBT community is part of it. I will always be grateful because here I have learned what inclusiveness and respect for nature mean. It was natural to grow up there, with those values.
Sardinia is surrounded by magnificent beaches, nevertheless Porto Ferro is something more than a sandy beach with crystal blue water.
Porto Ferro Beach is about 20 km from Alghero and belongs to a protected area, close to the Regional Park Capo Caccia. The beach is popular for surfers, naturists and it is a gay buen retiro.

Here is where my childhood memories lie, where I grew up with my friends, place of my first kiss, my first job, where I studied for my thesis and the place I used to drive to in winter, just to watch at the sunset or to bump into deers. Yes, this is a place surrounded by nature, where you would fall asleep to the sound of waves, wind, birds and to the smell of salty air. Nothing can compare!
I assure you, gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight people from any place or of any skin color or belief: if you travel to Porto Ferro, it will steal your heart!
Why? just keep reading and plan your holiday:
• This is the first official nudist beach in Sardinia: naturism has been practiced for decades on the northern stretch of Port Ferro Beach, in the coves between two towers. Porto Ferro is the most popular beach of the north west Sardinia for LGBT community and naturist bathers.

• The beach is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and pinewood. It’s a paradise for trekking lovers, showcasing stunning itineraries along the coast, where you will discover a panoramic pathway along the coast and you will see the Capo Caccia cliffs. They also offer the chance to go rock climbing on set trails. Indeed, these rocky cliffs are the favorite ones for the climbing community. Close to the beach, Lake of Baratz, the only natural lake in Sardinia, perfect for birdwatching. Or you can explore the area by organized horse excursions.

• Nestled in the hills and close to beach there is “Campi Elisei” a gay friendly BB. The property is plunged into the middle of a Mediterranean scrub and it is the ideal place for a relaxing and peaceful holiday. It was opened by Sandro Selis, with the intention of providing a place where you can discover your true self and connect with nature. His activity is based on environmental and social sustainability and promotes the use of seasonal, local and craft production.

• the beach is exposed to mistral wind, which means that when it blows it is reasonable not bathing, unless you love surfing …or when it’s windy, you can stay on the beach to watch at the handsome surfers!
• Porto Ferro has opened a dog beach, too. So, for all those who don’t want to leave their pets at home during holidays, this is a solution!

• “Il baretto” is a bar located at the south entrance of the beach: every summer rock and blues music festivals take place at sunset.

Beach sounds are super relaxing… and here you can travel free as you are
Enjoy this magical place!

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