Visit Sicily: the can’t-miss gay-friendly heart of Italy

Do you want to visit Sicily? Well, these four spectacular experiences must feature in your Sicily Gay Guide. Quiiky helps you choose your favorite next destinations based on charm, art and magical things to do. Perfect in every season, it offers every LGBTQ travellers good food, wonderful sea and unforgettable gay-friendly Italian journey.

sicily gay guide

Experience under the Sicilian sun

Sicily’s capital and one of the largest city in Italy. Its beauty has to be revealed through careful discovery and the amazing Palermo’s street markets is one of these beautiful things to do for your Italian summer break. The Sicilian street markets introduce you to a spice world of senses; with sights, smells and sounds, splashes of brilliant colours, noisy street vendors and the mouth-wateringly powerful aroma of sizzling street food.

Palermo’s markets are usually open all day (from around 9 AM to 7 PM) except Wednesday, when they close around 2 PM, and they’re closed Sundays. There are three largest outdoor markets: Ballarò, Capo and Vucciria.

The tourism 3.0 explores Sicily

Cefalù is magnificent for its sunsets, unpretentious charm and a very appealing blend of lots of ingredients for a gay-friendly Italian holiday. Wonderful beaches, a picturesque historic town on a rocky headland, excellent restaurants serving the freshest of fish and last but probably first, its unique sunshine, add up to make the town a great excursion idea if you are staying in the capital.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the beauty of the historic centre of the Norman town of Cefalù while cycling. Thanks to this experience, you will able to combine nature and history in an enjoyable and healthy manner and it will give you the opportunity to live your journey like a local.

sicily gay guide

Want to travel differently?

If you are in Catania it is very easy to get the Mount Etna, one of the highest and most active volcano in the world, also called Mongibello, from the Latin word mons and the Arabian word gebel, that is mount. Visit the Silvestri craters, they are located near the Rifugio Sapienza and the Etna cable car, the smaller crater is really amazing and you can visit it entirely and you can also get into it, there are also other craters in the valley but the main Etna crater is incredible, especially if you are lucky enough not to find fog. Trust me, it’s magical!

There are several tours, but Etna by jeep is ideal for adventure lovers and for all people who love to explore the woods of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit Sicily: the island of art

The Sicilian city of Syracuse is a place where ancient civilisations exist alongside modern culture, where visitors can see centuries old ruins and shop for local produce, all in the same day. Art addicted will fall in love with the Galleria Regionale, which includes baroque, Renaissance works and the Caravaggio’s Desposition of Santa Lucia and Antonello da Messina’s Annunciation. The collection includes items from the Byzantine period to the nineteenth century.

And then, visit Agrigento and its via Atenea. During your walk past shops, boutique and coffee houses will try the ricotta-based pecorino ice-cream. Don’t forget to visit the house of Pirandello, in the Caos district. What are you waiting for? Visit Sicily!

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