Matera’s most artistic town: 5 must-see places to visit

Planning a trip to Matera? You will spend a lot of a pleasure time. You will sleep in wonderful gay-friendly boutique hotels, drink an aperitivo and you will be part of one of the biggest and beautiful artistic page of our country. Matera is also a city of hidden museums, ancient cities and beautiful churches. Here are the best places in the city for soaking in culture and finding inspiration in the arts. Go to Quiiky and plan your vacation now.


A beautiful image

One of the most wonderful things you can see in Matera is the ancient village. This huge place is a worldwide tourist destination, a Unesco’s World Heritage and a great example of sculpture, preserved from the Palaeolithic era to nowadays. The neighborhood now has gay-friendly boutique hotels, restaurants, wineries, a jazz club, and a spa, but even its most affluent buildings are housed in caves. Choose one of the several panoramic viewpoints and get ready to take a lot of Italian pictures.

Keep warm your dreams

It is a must-see masterpiece, better known as the Sistine Chapel of Rupestrian Art. The crypt of the original sin is one of Matera’s most interesting rock churches and one of the most ancient example of the rupestrian art in Southern Italy. Visit this extraordinary place, located along the trail of Pietrapenta, near the centre of the city, and its amazing cycle of frescoes, illustrations and several wall art, and thanks to the audio guide, you will live an incredible cultural and artistic experience.

The hidden beauty of Matera

La Palomba which means The Dove in English language, is a work of anthropology located in the Natural Historical Archaeological Regional Park of the Rupestrian Churches of Matera and Montescaglioso. But one of the most powerful works on display are those who made out of 20 tons of twisted metal of the World Trade Center after that terrible human tragedy. Antonio Paradiso, the author, was the only Italian artist to have the permission and the opportunity to turn parts of the destroyed into art. The famous park also hosts today temporary international art exhibitions with several artists from all across the globe.


A ghost town

Craco was once a monastic center, a feudal town and center of education with a university, church and plazas. Today, thanks to the dramatic landscape and unique atmosphere, Craco receives visits from travelers and the occasional film production. Few years ago it was added to the Watch list by the World Monuments Fund and six festivals happen in the city from May to October. Here you will find not only rare species of stories, but also relics of great historical and Italian culture value.

City of Culture

Visit the Musma, the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture of Matera dedicated to the modern art and sculpture. This wonderful place is located in the Palazzo Pomeraci and its permanent collection is hosted in two different settings. The Museum also houses the library Vanni Scheiwiller, a rich collection of over 5000 books and art catalogs, donated by the window of several European editor and great art addicted. Matera has been awarded the title of the 2019 European Capital of Culture in Italy.

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