Untold History Tour Naples: discover the beauty

This week we talked about the beauty of Naples and our Untold History Tour. Naples is plunged into history, traditions, beliefs and a unique food experience, such as street food and the famous pizza.

Pizza was invented here! Tradition holds that Margherita pizza was created in 1889 by a local chef in honor of Queen Margherita, who was visiting Naples. In 2017, UNESCO declared the Neapolitan pizza and also the art of Neapolitan pizzaioli, or pizza makers, an Intangible Cultural Heritage of humanity (ICH). Pizza is one of the most favorite dishes around the world.

Naples is a nest of art and culture, going back thousands of years…but not only: Naples is the capital of the Mediterranean cuisine which has been fed by millions of trips and of people travelling around the Basin. Some examples:

The Naples National Archaeological Museum has a magnificent collection of Roman, Greek and Renaissance items. A big collection of antiques from Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae is also visible here.
Walking into the Museum, means to be stuck in old times: statues are so perfect and so well maintained that you cannot but be speechless for their immense beauty: sculptures made in marble of gay personalities like the Emperor Hadrian, Antinous, The Tyrannicides (Harmodius and Aristogeiton) or even Heracles.

One of the stunning collections is the Secret Cabinet:
it includes an erotic collection from Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Here you will see frescoes representing erotic scenes, including homoerotic paintings. Some of them were used as decorations inside of a house or of a garden…
…an untold history of the past.



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