The magic of biodiversity

A lot of literature has been written about cuisine and food through centuries, expecially in Europe.

The iconic and most discussed culinary tradition is based on the Mediterranean Diet, which is not only food, nay, it represents a set of values which are fundamental for a specific life-style (diaita is a Greek word, meaning life-style).

Italy is the country in the very heart of the Mediterranean Sea, a place full of history, dating back to Greek and Roman civilization, not considering the overlapping conquers of Barbarians, Moors, Arabs…. It is and has been a true melting pot, a basin of mixing knowledge, cultures and traditions.

Food has always been ‘Queer’ in Italy: it has always been the extravagant composition of vegetables coming from the entire world, which found their home in the Peninsula, thanks to the mild and temperate weather. Local people got frequently in touch with unknown crops and they were so able to convert them into masterworks, in the kitchen. Their ability of elaborating food, of including them into old alimentary traditions made Italy the best place where to eat in the world.

A lot has to do with the concept of inclusion: food has been a powerful vehicle of attractiveness and still is. Travelling from region to region, you always find ‘queer’ food experiments which have defined the Italian tradition.

So, a food&wine tour in this country is culturally a ‘queer’ trip: we have one astonishing opportunity of tasting the best of the it, just going from shore to shore, from Genoa to Amalfi, including Rome and Naples. This means a journey from Pesto sauce to Focaccia, to Ribollita, and ending up with Amatriciana or Carbonara ….not forgetting the fresh mozzarella cheese, the iconic ingredient of Pizza.

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Discover Italy from a different point of mouth! (not point of view ,-))