Few people know the real Leonardo da Vinci, apart from his great masterworks. Sigmund Freud wrote a book in 1910, studying his true personality and investigating his experiences as a child who was sodomized by his stepfather. This makes sense, when referring to Leonardo’s special feeling towards his young scholar Salaj, his ‘devil’, who loved to make jokes about his master. Nevertheless, the genius was really in love with Salaj.

During the realization of the ‘Last Supper’ in Milan, Leonardo received a vineyard by Ludovico Il Moro, the lord of the city, as a symbol of gratitude for his work. Leonardo looked after his vineyard until he died and left a part of it to Salaj.

The vineyard is still to be seen in the heart of Milan, with some authentic old vines, still alive. The Atellani House includes the vineyard, nowadays. Salaj knew how to be persuasive to his master: he came from a very poor family, but his beauty conquered both men and women. When Leonardo died, Salaj moved to vineyard house with his family. So, if visiting the ‘Last Supper’, remember that just few feet away from there, Leonardo grew his garden as a common farmer plunged into his thoughts and sharing the evenings with Salaj!

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