Gallipoli, the Italian Ibiza

Puglia is the most South-Eastern region of Italy. It is a famous summer holiday region and in the last years it has been transformed into a hotspot for gay travellers. Gallipoli attracts not only Italians, but also international tourists from all over the world.

Indeed someone calls Gallipoli “the Italian Ibiza”, the capital of summer gay holiday!

Gallipoli is rich in history, buildings, castles and streets and it’s full of life, excellent gay-friendly restaurants, lounges and boutiques.

In terms of natural beauty, the beaches near Gallipoli are excellent for sunbathing and swimming.

There is an idyllic gay beach, called Makò, located just outside Gallipoli. It is a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and splendid sunsets! Unlike some gay beaches, where the perfect and tonic stereotype of the body reigns, Puglia message is “ welcome for everyone”.

You can discover another white beach, Porto Selvaggio, 20 minutes from Gallipoli, a place for gay naturalists.

When the sun goes down, this is the moment when Gallipoli’s gay nightlife begins!

Gallipoli’s gay nightlife is around Caffè Bellini (Corso Roma). It is easy to meet people here! Or the LED Cafe, which is the best gay bar to start the evening!



If you long for an adventure, this is an unspoiled paradise!