Gallipoli: the best gay-friendly destination in Southern Italy!

Gallipoli is the best gay destination in recent years, not only in Puglia but throughout Southern Italy. Every year, it attracts more and more tourists not only Italians but also a big public from all over the world. It is considered a place like Ibiza in Spain, because of the nightlife you can feel in there; the crystal clear water and fabulous beaches surrounded by nature as well.

Salento is full of beaches, especially in Gallipoli. Many of them are gay-friendly like Punta Pizzo, Punta della Suina where you can find the most LGBT-friendly seaside resort in the area. Here you can also enjoy the most beautiful sunset with a drink, music and gay friends.

Foto presa dal sito di GBeach
Foto presa dal sito di GBeach


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