Milan is a true ‘must see’ when talking about Italian gay scene. Being a true melting pot of cultures from all over the world, it has developed a special capability of inclusion and equality. The same is happening for the rest of Italy, but far less radical than in Milan. Milan gay scene involves VIP like Dolce and Gabbana, designers and architects, artists and entrepreneurs who have found their home in Milan.

Nevertheless, the city looks far beyond fashion and design: it showcases  the amazing history of Leonardo da Vinci, the great genius of Renaissance, who lived here more than twenty years and whose life has been spotted by harassment and prejudice because of his bisexuality. He fell in love with one of his scholars, Salaj,  a young fellow who relied completely in Leonardo’s generosity. Also, Leonardo used to get dressed in a non-common way for the Renaissance male fashion. He used to wear colored garments and shirts: he  donated a pair of long pink stockings to Salaj… Not mentioning his amazing portrait, in which Leonardo depicted the young fellow as a sort of devil to his eyes:  Salaj (coming from ‘Saladino’ –devil) exploited Leonardo’s fame, also after his death!

In May 2019, Milan will celebrate the 500 years of Leonardo’s death At Galleria Ambrosiana and at the Sforza Castle great events will take place.  Many of his prototypes will come to air and be visible to visitors. Then, enjoy the gay-life of Milan: an aperitif in Porta Venezia (Lecco Bar, for example) or an evening light dinner are the Milanese way to socialize and make new frends

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