Gay Venice: 5 things to do during your travel

Every corner of  Gay Venice is chock-full of historical sites and overflowing with little shops and restaurants. Which are truly worth a visit? You won’t be able to plan your visit without this little guide and our special call me by your name tour

Here we’ve selected five unmissable destinations that all travelers should visit.

gay venice

Things to see in VeniceSt Mark’s Basilica is the spiritual, indeed the emotional, centre of Venice. You’ll be surprised to find numerous art treasures inside including the panels by Paolo Veneziano.

But there are two another magnificent white churches. The first one is located in a quiet area five minutes from the Rialto Bridge, called simply Santa Maria dei Miracoli. It is known for its work special miracles.

The last one is Santa Maria della Salute, close to the Accademia Bridge, one of the most beautiful and recognizable landmarks of Venice. If you seek peace and tranquillity, step into these places and enjoy your journey.

Gay Venice has a contemporary art scene, famous in the world for a cultural patrimony that arcs from medieval times to the late 18th century. 

Today’s Biennale is arguably the most important contemporary art exhibitions in the world, but in addition to all this, there are a huge number of museums and private galleries that contribute to the contemporary art scene. Explore the Giudecca and its itinerary which reveals how famous modern architects transformed this industrial area into a contemporary buildings that nevertheless remain in synergy with the island’s traditional architecture.

Palazzo Pisani is definitely a must-see attraction because this famous palace was used for the shoot-out at the end of the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale.

Here you’ll have a unique opportunity to walk through the Bridge of Sighs, the only in Venice that is completely covered, where those who had to walk from the court to the prisons could take their last breath of fresh air. 

gay venice

Take also a tour to the recently opened Palazzo Grimani where the gruesome final scene was shot.

How to drink wine like a local? The lagoon city and the region of Veneto have a long and glorious wine tradition and both are currently one of the most important areas in Italy for wine production.

The hills surrounding the city of Verona produce the most famous and important wines of the region such as Bardolino, Bianco di Custoza and Valpolicella.

In the family of Valpolicella there is the Amarone di Valpolicella, considered to be one of the best Italian red wines at an international level.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the Recioto di Soave, a delicious sweet wine, which was the first to obtain the DOCG denomination in Veneto.

Be seduced by the nightlife. Venice is an exciting and romantic place for everyone, with excellent bars, restaurants and historic nightlife places. Skyline Rooftop Bar, Al Volto and Venice Jazz Club making them a perfect places for a night out.

gay venice

For a true Venetian immersion, discover the wine cellars that only the locals know about on a covert wine tour of Gay Venice with worldwide city-tour specialists Urban Adventures. 

Here, you will be pleasantly surprised at the creative combination of the ingredients and the elaborate fusion menu with a great wine selection. What are you waiting for?


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