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After the great success of the first tour release which went sold out in just few days, we have the launch of a new group tour date in the pipeline. Stay tuned to discover the stunning Sicilian movie setting of the 2nd edition of “The White Lotus”. Get ready to book for next October 2023 and live the atmosphere of Taormine “San Domenico” Palace Hotel, Noto and Catania, Cefalù and Palermo. Enjoy some of the characters’ true experiences and do no miss the opportunity to get the best out of your vacation to Sicily!



Starting from the the main location, the San Domenico Place, you will spend 9 days between Taormina, Noto, Cefalù and Palermo. Together with your guide, you’ll discover the center of Taormina and the nearby beach resort town of Giardin Naxo, which have been elected as the beach club of the series. On the way to Noto, you will stop at ‘Tenuta Planeta Feudo di Mezzo’ for a wine tour, in the place which did enchant Harper, Ethan, Cameron and Daphne. Once in Noto that is the fictional setting for Meghann Fahy and Audrey Plaza’s girl trip – though the actual Villa Tasca, where they stay, is located in Palermo –  you will learn about this stunning town of yellow sandstone, almost frozen in time.

The tour continues to Cefalù, taking guests through scenic, winding roads and picturesque villages that reveal the beauty and rural splendor of the Sicilian countryside. It passes the ancient port town of Catania, a UNESCO World Heritage Site whose “old town” features late-baroque architecture. The town is considered one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly in Sicily, on par with Palermo. The opening scenes of Season 2 of the White Lotus were filmed along its azure waters and beaches. Following a two-night stay and tours of Cefalù, guests will then travel to Palermo, where they will enjoy two-nights’ luxury accommodations and guided tours. A lavish farewell dinner ends the tour.


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