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The Story

What are the Untold History Tours?

The Untold History Tours are an exclusive product of the Quiiky brand. Absolutely unique tours. No one before Quiiky ever created a cultural travel product that could inspire identification for the LGBT people. In these tours, in addition to the stories always narrated during average tours, you will find several details truly interesting for gay people. All the information come from researches made by experts, that allow a new experience for the Lgbt travelers. An experience in which there are no omissions of any kind, and guides specifically prepared on the subject.


Travel to know who you are

The Untold History Tours are the result of a specific culture that has lots more to tell you than the average tour. The subject of the tours it is truly different because it is uncensored, and centered on topics of interest for the Lgbt traveler. Topics that are too often silenced. All the world’s most important media talk about Quiiky’s Untold History Tours, from the New York Times to the BBC, and the reason is simple: they offer a unique experience that is impossible to find anywhere else.

All roads lead to Rome

The most popular tour is the Vatican Museums Untold History Tour, which focuses on classical sculpture, on the Roman characters from Latin Era and of course on Michelangelo’s art. More than one tours in Rome and an amazing discovery in Tivoli, where Emperor Adrian celebrated his homosexual love for Antinoo (Villa Adriana)

The "Bel Paese"

In Italy there are historical sites in almost every location. In Milan it is very popular the DaVinci Untold History Tour, focused on Leonardo Da Vinci and his relationship with Salaì shown at the Last Supper and the Ambrosiana Gallery. You can stroll down the ‘Navigli‘, the riverland of the city, dotted with restaurants and bars.

In Florence the protagonist is always Michelangelo, in Taormina the Gran Tour, in Ischia the noble houses where gays were exiled. In Venice you will find yourself in the middle of Thomas Mann’s novel ‘Morte a Venezia’.
Exclusive, like any other Untold History Tour, is the one in Naples and the Amalfi Coast where we focus on the life of the sculptor called Vincenzo Moan. A gay artist from Naples who never came out as gay, but was very talented, especially in the making of statues representing homoerotic love between young men. n the suburban baths of Pompeii sex scenes are represented, including those between two men and two women. In Sorrento the protagonist is Torquato Tasso and his beloved student Ariosto.

A World of Stories

The Untold History brand also allows us to live and travel to other countries. Always paying particular attention to details from the past that help us to rediscover a hidden side of humanity, often marginalized, but always on the move.

Good examples of these movements are the San Francisco of Milk, the fights of lesbians in Boston, the history of American and Canadian universities and their students who have invented the Pride and have changed the history of international student movements, and the new side of freedom in Tel Aviv.