Room Share Guidelines

Quiiky organizes group tours and it allows the guests traveling solo to purchase half a stateroom to share with another guest.

It is important that both guests respect one another in order to have a friendly environment during your vacation.

Quiiky provides room matching and it does not take any other factors into account in offering a match and are not able to take requests of any type. Guests participating in the program must be able to travel on their own without assistance and not require any type of service that would be a disruption to the other guest in the stateroom/room.The rooms/ stateroom will be assigned by Quiiky two days before the departure and once assigned cannot be changed, without any type of exception.


  • please introduce yourself when you arrive and discuss about your sleep, wake up alarms, bathroom habits, closet space allocation to avoid potential problems later;
  • Always treat each other with respect and kindness as you wish to be treated;
  • Choose to share the room if you are easy going person. If you smoke (usually inhotels you cannot smoke anymore)or snore a lot we advice to setup in single.

Resolving Problems:

 If at any time you feel your rights are not being considered, please attempt to resolve the issue together.

Quiiky is unable to accommodate requests to change roommates or rooms, therefore, it is up to both of you to resolve any conflicts.

If you feel you cannot resolve a problem mutually, please contact the reception staff and they will do their best to intervene on behalf of both parties.