The beautiful city of Marsala is one of Sicily’s secret gems and is located on the western coast of the Island.

Thanks to thousand hectares of vineyard, Marsala is the most important Sicilian producer of white and red wine and of the famous Marsala wine (tradition of making wines since the 1770’s). Marsala is commonly paired with desserts or dark chocolates, it can be served with dishes like aged cheeses with marmalade, fresh oysters, smoked fish.


Although this town is also famous for a much flavoured wine called with its same name, this is not the only reasons to visit Marsala. Let’s have a look at the best places to see in Marsala:

First of all there are gorgeous sandy beaches with clear water and in the same time is a place where you can admire baroque churches, museums and taste healthy and organic Sicilian food. Marsala has a great deal to offer in terms of historical sites, such as the Chiesa del Purgatorio and Porta Garibaldi, indeed Marsala is the famous location of the landing of Garibaldi’s Thousand in 1860, an historical event that marked the reunification process in Italy.

The coast is lined with sea salt pans, the harbor is filled with fishing boats, and it offer the various islands that are situated in close proximity to its coast: Isola Favignana and the Isola di Levanzo  or Island of Stagnone are all interesting places to explore.

Finally, Marsala has high quality restaurants and bars, and gorgeous beaches that are perfect to relax on.

The typical dishes? flat bread with chicken stew and the famous Sicilian pastry named Cassata.

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