The Lesbian Queen of England

The Lesbian Queen of England

In the 17th century the Queen of England was Anne Stuart. She was loved by the people of her time because they said that she was a magnificent Queen.

Anne wasn’t grown to become the Queen, that’s why she received an education for a person of her social status not for a Queen, however, she knew only a few things about history or military affairs.

Anne got married with the Prince of Denmark, and with him she tried to have children to leave an heir but she had thirteen abortions, and of the five sons and daughters she had, only one arrived at the age of eleven.

The Queen Anne

In 1695, Anne’s father became King, but his kingdom lasted only four years because of the several problems he had with the parliament. Later, the crown was offered to William, her sister’s husband.

In 1702, after the death of Anne’s Sister and William, the Crown passed to Anne due a settlement act. Anne was the reason the United Kingdom was born.

Sarah, a friend of Anna since they were child, was always present. Since their youth they used to be inseparable, even the Queen’s correspondence was full with affection and attentions from Sarah.

The Queen gave Sarah the title of “Lady of the Bedchamber” and fulfill her with gifts for so many years.

During the next years, Sarah became pompous and she felt to have the Queen in her hand. The Queen started to show disapproval of Sarah’s continued criticism and started to get closer to another woman, Abigail Hill Masham. A few years later Sarah’s husband lost all the power and all the titles he had.

Sarah was mad with The Queen that even she commissioned satirical ballads about the lesbian relationship between her and Anne. Queen Anne stays untouched and people loved her until her death in 1714.

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