The king who fell in love with two men

The king who fell in love with two men

The are so many Untold Histories around the world, one of them is the one from the King of France: Louis XIII.

Luis XIII was born in 1601 and he was heir of the House of Borbon. He became King of France when he was only 9 years after his father was murdered.

During his life he had several problems, including with his mother, that was exiled but eventually they reconciled.

Louis XIII

When he was child, servants and courtiers used to make jokes about the king’s future sexual prowess, touching his genitals and making him to simulate sexual intercourse.

In 1615, the King Louis XIII got married with Anne of Austria, to create an alliance between France and Spain, but the marriage remained unconsummated for at least 4 years after the wedding.

Louis XIII had two female by his side: Marie de Hautefort and Angélique de La Fayette, but they relationship was only platonic.

He also kept two handsome men by his side. In fact, there are some stories telling that both men where part of his homosexuality.

The first one was Charles d’Albert de Luynes, who stayed at the service of the King since the king was young. Luynes was almos 23 years older than the king but he stayed with Louis XIII until 1621 when he succumbed to camp fever.

The other man in the life of Louis XIII was Henri d’Effiat de Cinq-Mars, almost 19 years younger than the King. However, Henri was executed for conspiring with Spain, the enemy of France.

Louis XIII died in 1642 in Paris of tuberculosis.

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