You maybe not even imagine what can be unveiled about Italian history when taking a tour with Quiiky! Mysteries, plots, hidden liaisons which have contributed to the history of Italy and possibly of the whole world.  

Quiiky showcases a variety of experiences: from gay daily walking -tours in major towns –the  Rome Vatican Museums or the Venetian brothels, just to mention a couple- , to the top seller romantic and intense multi day tour on the movie sets of “Call Me by Your Name“… or again, to great wedding and honeymoon destinations for civil unions, such as Como, Florence, Apulia… 

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Our top seller hotels:

  • Grand Hotel et De Milan*****: the most iconic hotel in the city, close to the center and home of past greatest artists and musicians, such Giuseppe Verdi, Enrico Caruso, Maria Callas and many others. 10% discount on your reservation with us on rack rates;
  • Best Western Italy Hotel Group: one of the leading hotel chains in the world. From 3 to 4 star hotels you feel like being at home with BW!. Find you hotel with us, wherever you want in Italy and get a 10% discount on rack rates.
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Our Untold History Tours

Are you a Convention attendee? Would you enjoy visiting Milan under a gay light? Do not miss the opportunity of reserving one of our Untold History Tours in Milan and get a 10% discount! Get in touch by filling up the form below and we will assist you with the reservation.

On Leonardo Da Vinci Footsteps

Visiting Milano will make you discover not only the city of Fashion but one of the places where Leonardo da Vinci lived.

€ 125

3 hours

Celebrating LGBT Women in Venice

Venice, the city of love a, has a strong queer side that we will unveil together! In the past backdrop for beautiful and secret lesbian loves. 

€ 190

3 hours

On the movie tracks of Call Me By Your Name

This is a gay tour dedicated to romance, to lovers, who want to plunge into a touching love story between two guys whose lives will be deeply transformed by their relationship.

€ 240

Full Day

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