Gay Tours Campania

General Information

The region of Campania is just South of Rome and its main city is Naples. It lies on the Mediterranean Sea, facing the Capri Island. Capri Itself is a true icon of the gay life. It is the  place where the Italian ‘Dolce Vita’ attracted VIP, actors, artists from all over the world in the 60s. Capri is an icon of the gay life and still conserves buildings preserving those memories, such as Villa Lysis.

Naples is a true uniqueness amongst Italian cities and towns: it has been capital of Italy and the second University was founded here by Friedrich II. Naples is growing fast with all its contradictions and different histories from neighborhood to neighborhood. Posillipo, Spaccanapoli, Quartieri Spagnoli, just to name a few, where you meet the authentic Neapolitan, eat authentic street food (mainly fried pastries) and walk through marvelous examples of Neapolitan baroque.


Naples is one of the most gay-friendly cities in Italy: rich in past history, it owns an important museum of archeology, where it is possible to admire Greek and Roman nude statues and many masterworks belonging to the Magna Greece. Close to Naples you can visit Pompei and Paestum where you can find gay historical signs.

Along its coast, Positano, Maiori, Sorrento and Amalfi are few miles away. Here the white beaches, the villages themselves and the local hospitality are ingredients of a great Italian experience. You can have pizza-making, cooking courses and at night you can linger outside, or having your aperitives on the beach. Not forgetting yacht tours in the bay, or shore excursions to lemon fields and vineyards. Not forgetting to taste the ‘mozzarella’ and the original ‘spaghetti with tomato sauce’

Campania really surprises any visitor: it is a generous land and a truly gay-friendly spot: Piazza Bellini is the historical centre of Neapolitan gay life, close to bars and gay clubs.

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