Gay Tours Sardinia

General Information

Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily and before Cyprus). To the west of Sardinia is the Sea of Sardinia, a unit of the Mediterranean Sea; to Sardinia’s east is the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is also an element of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the oldest land within the Mediterranean Sea and its nuragic civilization seems to originate from the ‘ Sea People’ of primitive prints. The Nuraghes are not the only Nuragic buildings that survive, as there are several sacred wells around Sardinia and other buildings that had religious purposes such as the Giant’s Grave (monumental collective tombs) and collections of religious buildings that probably served as destinations for pilgrimage and mass religious rites

The island is mainly mountain, with enchanting sea-shores. Leisure and archeological tourism represent a major income, also under a gay light. Its economy is based on livestock (sheep) fishery and Mediterranean agriculture (olives, fruits, vegetables, wheat, vines, rice…) . These are also the main ingredients of local cuisine, with Pecorino cheese, white wines, liqueurs, fish, suckling pig, bread (pane carasau).

The main towns are Cagliari, Oristano, Sassari and Nuoro. Also Alghero is a touristic attraction, because of the beautiful sea and for its coral tradition. Costa Smeralda is a VIP destination with lots of discoes, pubs and highly-rated restaurants.

GAY LIFE: there is quite a number of gay friendly hotels in Sardinia. Gay towns are Cagliari and Olbia, with some gay bars and opportunities for cruising.  Sassari is where the gay pride is taken every year.  Gay vacations in Sardinia in Costa Smeralda are a must for those who look for celebrities and for extreme amusement!

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