The gay love story behind Hadrian’s Villa

The gay love story behind Hadrian’s Villa

Hadrian’s Villa

At only 45 minutes away from Rome you can find Hadrian’s Villa, built in the second century ac. This villa was constructed as a retreat for the Roman Emperor Hadrian in Tivoli, a perfect place for its beautiful landscape.

The villa has different styles like classical Greek architecture and spa, pavilions gardens and residential buildings.

This Villa was built after the death of Antinous –Hadrian’s lover– in the attempt to remember Antinous as a god and a hero. The cult for Antinous spread also in Greece and Egypt.

The Villa shows different pavilions of places they visited together, making a place for the Emperor Hadrian to remember beautiful memories whenever he wanted.

The extraordinary architechture and the sculptural decoration of the villa is an inspiration for different museums in Italy and allover the world, most of them include art pieces from Villa Adriana

In 1999 Villa Adriana became part of the World Heritage by UNESCO.

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