Discover Ligurian Riviera and Cinque Terre

A tour of the Ligurian Coast and its wonderful Cinque Terre among other places, where the main protagonists are the sea, the boats, the picturesque villages and the old traditions. Smell the scent of the pines and see how olive trees alternate with the strong and amazing colors of the typical Ligurian houses, very famous all over the world.

Liguria is one of the 21 regions located in the northwestern part of the country. A narrow strip of land, where man has worked hard to get the most from this territory. Its excellent climate allows high value crop to be grown: asparagus and purple artichokes. The Chinotto sour orange, a citrus fruit that arrived from China around 1500. And of course, the Ligurian basil, the main ingredient of pesto sauce. Liguria is also a a land of olive trees and oil: excellent oil is produced from Taggiasca olives.

You will discover the Via dell’Amore between the perfume of pines and olive trees alternate with strong and amazing colors. Riomaggiore will fill your imagination up with the colorful typical Ligurian houses famous all over the world.
You will get into the green to reach the harbor of Manarola where you will be enjoying delicious seafood. Your journey will continue with Corniglia, a little town which have got its name from the Roman Cornejo, winemaker father of the famous Sciacchetra wine. Vernazza and Monterosso will close your Cinque Terre tour.

The old town of Genoa is the last thing to visit in our tour: Saint Lorenzo Cathedral, beautiful building in a patchwork of styles from the Gothic to the Reinassance, and the Dodge’s Palace. In the afternoon visit to the famous Aquarium of Genoa, with its 15,000 animals it is the biggest in Europe!

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