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Quiiky was founded in 2007 by Alessio and Andrea. The idea want after planning a vacation, when they looked for a travel agency who could help them to find the best/safe destinations and accommodation as a gay couple. There weren’t openly gay friendly travel agencies in Italy, and it was hard to find information online. For this reason they decide to establish Quiiky Travel. 


Alessio and Andrea met each other when they were 18 and 21 years old and now, after about 17 years, they are still a couple that love each other, and are passionate about their business.

In 2010 they founded the Italian Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (AITGL) with San Francisco Travel, Massachusetts CVB, US Airways and TTG Italia (the mainItalian Travel Fair). In the same year Alessio was nominated the Italian IGLTA Ambassador.

In 2012 they launched the first italian LGBTQ+ Travel & Lifestyle Magazine (QMagazine), and started to collaborating with TouristBoards, Hotels and Travel Agencies to help them to reach the LGBTQ+ Market.

In 2017 they launched our inbound tours, Untold History Tours (featured on New York Times, BBC and Huffington Post) featuring tours such as “The Vatican Museum Tour in a Gay Light”.

In 2018 they started the succesful collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, the Italian Tourist Board, and along with the support of the US Consulate in Milan, submitted the winning bid for Milan to host the IGLTA Global Convention.


Our Services

QUIIKY is committed to become a true example of excellence amongst tour operators, which role has been progressively underestimated. For this reason, QUIIKY is striving to offer a highly customized service, which can guarantee:

Gay-friendly Accommodations

Unique Experiential Tours

24/7 Customer Service

Gay & Gay-friendly Guides

Gay Walking Tours

VIP Services

Quiiky is the First Tour Operator LGBT in Italy. LGBT travellers can enjoy a true LGBT trip with QUIIKY tour operator, to selected destinations and hotels. Our tours discover the hidden history of the LGBT community in the destination, by tracking back famous homosexual lives and  veiled histories. This is our proposal: to make travelers socialize with the local LGBT community.

These tours, called “Untold History Tours,  have been published by important networks and international papers, such as New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post and they are appreciated all over the world by those LGBT travellers wanting to better understand their origins and their knowledge of the local community

QUIIKY’s mission is to respond to traveller’s needs- he/she can book safely and be guaranteed to be accommodated in a hotel  respectful of the LGBT rights and be able to enjoy a serene holiday.

Our team

Alessio Virgili

Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Cosimi

Marketing Manager

Giovanna Ceccherini

Sales Director

Francesca Galli

Community Manager

Teresa Dalessandri

Administration & HR Manager


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QUIIKY® is a SONDERS AND BEACH Italy Srl trademark. SONDERS AND BEACH is an international tourism company located in Italy and in the USA and which was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs coming from the hôtellerie.

SONDERS AND BEACH is a member of AITGL (Italian Association of Gay and Lesbian Tourism), of IGLTA (International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, of Assolombarda (Association of tourism companies) and actively supports ECPACT.

QUIIKY® cooperates in a Network of more than 3,000 independent organizations. Here customers feel at ease, receiving a complete advisoring services on major gay and gay-friendly destinations, international events and new trends.

Quiiky Travel is: